Govt moving in right direction, we are not reviewing it: RSS

Friday, Sep 4, 2015,21:40 IST By metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | After a three-day coordination meeting with the top brass of the government and the BJP, the RSS today said the Modi government was moving in the right direction with commitment and dedication and rejected criticism that it was acting like a remote control.
The Sangh Parivar’s founthead said it was not reviewing the government’s performance but was only giving inputs to ministers, who are swayamsevaks, and it has a right to do so.
Only 14 months have passed. There is more time and a lot more is to be done. Whatever has been done so far, the direction is right, dedication, commitment and achievements are good. We have to move forward. There cannot be 100 per cent satisfaction for everyone, RSS joint general secretary Dattatreya Hosabale told a press conference.
We are not reviewing nor are we giving any message to the government. We are only sharing inputs, he said.
The three-day coordination exercise brought the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and top Sangh leaders face-to-face with the top brass of the government and the BJP, including senior Ministers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated towards the end of the dialogue.
Replying to questions about criticism that RSS was giving directions to the government and ministers were violating the oath of secrecy by reporting to the RSS, he said, We are not an illegal organisation. We are also citizens of the country. We have every right to ask ministers, who are also swayamsevaks. Where is the question of secrecy. Swayamsevaks have become ministers.
Asked about Congress criticism that RSS was acting like a remote control, he shot back saying what Congress says we need not reply. They were run on remote control. So they have no moral right to talk about us.
Justifying the interaction with the government representatives, he said, the media does not make any issue when ministers go to CII or FICCI or other events.
To a question, Hosabale said the RSS would wait for construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya as per government’s time-table as the issue was pending before the Supreme Court.
On Ram Temple, Hosabale said whatever BJP has stated in its manifesto it will move towards it and there is time for it and the party has set its time table. Sants and Hindu society keep giving directions in this regard, but Sangh does not raise any demand, he said.
We are hopeful that it will happen. We will wait for their implementation according to their timetable, he said.
The RSS leader endorsed the government’s working saying it has raised the aspirations, also the hopes and the confidence in the government.
He said, For the first time in the history of the country, this government has raised the expectations as also the confidence it has created not only in India but also outside. That is the most welcome thing that is the assurance that this government has definitely given.
Replying to questions, he said the meeting did not lay any policies because this was not a policy making body. Policies of RSS are decided by All_India Pratinidhi Sabha, he said.
To a question on recent release of census figures based on religion, he said, We have prepared a report and it will be discussed at the RSS meeting.
On overall deliberations at the three-day meet, the RSS leader said internal and external security situations, terrorism including cross-border terror, extremism and naxalism. Suggestions were given on steps to be taken in this regard.
The deliberations also covered India’s ties with its neighbours and the need to strengthen them further as India was part of SAARC.
He said Pakistan and Bangladesh were earlier part of India and there was need to improve relations as they were part of the family and had cultural ties with each other that were linked with history.  We should improve relations forgetting irritants, he said.
Asked if ties can be improved in the wake of provocations by Pakistan, Hosabale said all this needs to be done for peace and cited the example of Kauravas and Pandavas who were brothers who also had to talk.