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No firebrand his Khaki, but born out of the fire

Friday, Sep 4, 2015,20:17 IST By metrovaartha A A A

For MP Dinesh the new City Police Commissioner of Kochi wearing the Khaki uniform is in both ways a service to the nation and an homage to his own father. The son of a DySP killed in action by Naxals, he holds a rare genre in the history of the force in Kerala. His father Balasubrahmanian was burnt alive during Emergency days in a police jeep when Dinesh has been just a student. Hailing from Palakkad, he joined the force as a circle inspector in 1984 on the die in harness quota of his father.
His Khaki is born out of the fire. Like a Phoenix bird the event in his life was somewhat equal to Rise up From the Ashes. But he never had any hate or over enthusiasm towards the police profession. When his father was killed by Naxalites, in 1976 he was a pre degree student. Kayanna Police station attack by Naxals was prior to that brutal attack on his father’s life. Posted as Malappuram crime branch DySP Balasubrahmanian was in charge of anti-Naxal operations. There the animosity of Naxals loomed large against him.
On March 13, 1976 morning, Balasubrahmanian and his team were going to Kakkayam camp from Malappuram in a jeep, with two Naxals in captivity. Balakrishnan and Prabhakaran were taken for questioning. Petrol had been bought more and kept in the jeep as a buffer in one can. When jeep reached near Calicut university, Balakrishnan asked for permission to smoke. The police gave the permission with no second thought. He lighted the match stick and in the mean time in a deliberate move overturned the can spilling petrol all over.
The resultant fire engulfed the jeep and Balakrishnan forcibly caught hold of Balasubrahmanian inside. The other policemen, including the driver and the other naxallite Prabhakaran escaped jumping out. Jeep ran for a while without driver and halted. Both were admitted to Calicut Medical College Hospital. Naxalite Balakrishnan died on the same day and DySP Balasubrahmanian succumbed to his burns after 13 days.
‘I think I have no ability to become a policeman’ this was the first thing Dinesh felt and said to the then DGP M.K. Joseph after inducted into the force. ‘Everything is in your blood, don’t need to do much to become a policeman’ was his reply.
K. Karunakaran was the home minister, when Balasubrahmanian met with his tragic death. Karunakaran assured the grieving family that, once Dinesh finishes his studies, he would be absorbed directly as a circle inspector in the Police department. After completing post graduation Dinesh joined the service as CI. Dinesh served well in vigilance and law and order wings of the department and received the President’s medal for meritorious service and subsequently conferred IPS.
He is happy with the new job as the City Police Commissioner for Kochi. ‘Decisions are to be taken keeping in mind the nature and potential of the Metro City. I am groomed for this kind of an important job through my postings as SP in Palakkad and Kottayam. My activities in Kochi of course would be in the light of what I have experienced from those cities too’ Dinesh IPS is ready for the task in hand.
‘The Gurukulam Project implemented in Kottayam was a success. It was because of the wholehearted cooperation of police and people. In the initial stages the move was criticized for alleged moral policing. As the matter was related to children, so sensitive it was. When trained policemen were in charge help poured in from schools and parents. Even though we have not decided to make a similar project here. Since Kochi has lots of residents associations and organizations any decision has to evolve through ample consultations’.
Kochi is notorious for the narcotics trade nowadays. So many cases are reported related to this. Even the school students too are in the cruel hands of drug peddlers. The distribution chain is viciously drawn. Those who need, get the stuff anywhere, anytime. Everybody has the responsibility to act against this and help police to prohibit the menace. Police always wish to be the friend and guardian of the common man, Dinesh eventually reveals his style of action with a smile of affection.