Kerala BJP wants spl team to probe Narayanaguru incident

Tuesday, Sep 8, 2015,18:47 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Kannur | The BJP district President K Ranjith today demanded that the government appoint a special team to probe the incident of damaging the Sree Narayana Guru idol at Nangarath Peedika, near Thalassery, on September six.
Talking to news persons here today, Mr Ranjith said the real facts behind the incident would be only ascertained after a detail investigation by special police.
He alleged the CPI(M) was trying to deliberately relate the incident to Sangh Parivar organizations. He said actually a clash was reported at Nangarath Peedika on September 5 night,
following the damaging of Sree Krishna Jayanthi hoardings and removal of flags by CPI(M) activists.
Later, the Sree Mudra Kala Samskarika Kendra , a club controlled by CPI(M), was ransacked by RSS activists on September six in the early hours, he admitted.
Following this police registered a case against ten BJP/RSS activists in this
connection and three RSS leaders surrendered before the New Mahe Police Station late last evening and they were let out on bail.
Mr Ranjith also said the RSS had no role in damaging the idol of Sree Narayana Guru. He also alleged CPI(M) State Secretary and Former Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, whose constituency in which the incident occurred is behind the arrest of RSS leaders.
He claimed the police took action following the pressure asserted on them by the CPI(M) State Secretary. He also alleged the CPI(M) is attempting to divert the media attention following the crucification of Sree Narayana Guru on September 5 in a procession organized by Balasangham as part of Onam valedictory celebration, which garnered attention and became a controversy.
Mr Ranjith also brought to the attention that it is the first time that the CPI(M) is coming with the claims that Sree Narayana Guru idol was kept in a club controlled by them.
He alleged the CPI(M) was behind this incident and the party used the idol to instigate more violence in Thalassery. He claimed the idol was brought to the club with an intention to blame the RSS.
Meanwhile, CPI(M) District Secretary P Jayarajan today said police arrested RSS karyavahak and Mukhya sikshak for damaging the Sree Narayana Guru idol. He alleged nexus between the police, UDF leaders and RSS for the release of RSS leaders on bail in this case.
He demanded the police should register conspiracy case against RSS leaders while considering the seriousness. He also said SNDP leader Velappally Nateshan had not raised the protest against the demolition of idol which indicates to a point that the leader of the SNDP is under the control of RSS.
Meanwhile, the New Mahe Police arrested three RSS leaders Vaishak (20), Righil (25) and Prashob (35) and later released on bail. Police also registered case against seven others.