Gokul made hoax call to airports to attract his School lover

Wednesday, Sep 9, 2015,20:21 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Bengaluru | More love saga is coming out from Gokul, who caused about Rs 6.5 crore loss to different Airliners  making a hoax call about bombs placed in three different Aircrafts at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) recently.
A 34 year-old IT Professional, Gokul indulged in making hoax call because of his deep love to his friend’s wife who lived next door. He had even posed himself as a spiritual guru, an astrologer and an archbishop as he sought to uncover his wife Anuradha’s extra-marital affair and murdered her to attract his school day lover.
Investigations have revealed that he had stolen the passport of his friend and bought a mobile on which he used for sending messages to KIA here and airport at Delhi saying ‘Islamic State Wins. Air France to Paris and Haj Flight to Jeddah will be blasted on air.’ ‘Third target for today: Lufthansa to Germany.’  ‘IS wins, will spoil India. Stop if you can Allah.’  ‘Get ready to see the fireworks above the sky today.’  ‘Three bombs kept at Airport Cargo sector are ready to blast at 3 am, IS wins.’ ‘You can’t trace any of our men, at least try to trace the bomb.’ ‘Not for today, it will be tomorrow at 3 am.’
Gokul has confessed to the police about murdering his wife Anuradha in July because of his intense love with his friend’s wife. Gokul a native of Kerala fell in love while he was studying in School. They joined engineering in Thrissur and Gokul shifted to Delhi and she to Tiruchirapalli.  Gokul while working in Delhi fell in love with Anuradha and had a baby.  His School lover married Siju Jose and moved to Bengaluru.
As per the revelations the marital bliss didn’t last long for either of them. Gokul who found out his wife’s affair with a student she’s teaching, chose not to go for a divorce, concerned about their two-year-old son. It was at this time he reconnected with his first lover who has been contemplating a divorce with her husband. In 2014, Gokul shifted to Bengaluru with his family, citing a promotion, and took a flat in the same apartment as his old lady love.
The love of tragedy continue to haunt every Bengalorian as Gokul according to story made his wife confess about her affair in writing, using fake religious e-mail ids and conversing with his devout wife, and even made her send nude photos of her with her partner. He got into the good books of Anu’s father by disclosing these to him. One evening this year, he got Anuradha drunk, hit her head with a metal Ganesh Idol and allegedly killed her. During the investigation he got a clean-chit from his father-in-law who knew about his daughter’s extra marital affair.
Police sources said that Gokul wanted to get back his School lover and found her husband Jose a hindrance and wanted to get rid of him. To get rid of Jose he stole his passport and bought a sim and made hoax calls. But in the end he did not succeed but was arrested after making hoax calls.
Sleuths first caught hold of Jose who denied any involvement. Detailed questioning led to Gokul who after detailed questioning not only confessed to making the hoax calls but also murdering his wife. Police still grilling Gokul to know if he was involved in any other crime.