Guinness record holder Nazeer’s novel protest against stray dog menace

Wednesday, Sep 9, 2015,20:23 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Kochi | Thrissur Nazeer, a Guinness record holder for 101 hours continuous mouth organ playing and 40 hours nonstop mimicry, who also espouses social issues with novel ideas, has taken up another cause by organising a  march to Animal rights activist and Union Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi’s residence in protest against her stand  on killing stray dogs,  a menace in Kerala.
Addressing the media here, he said he would begin his stir in Kerala in a lorry with 50 dogs and by conducting programmes en route. He  would organise 100-hours long   musical programmes in Hindi, English, Arabic, Malayalam, Tamil and mimicry, in front of Ms Gandhi’s, official residence at Delhi in the decorated lorry with the dogs by the end of September.
Though he had sent letters and even talked over phone with Mrs Gandhi, there was no positive reply or communication in this regard and that was why he was planning to organise this novel protest to achieve the desired result, he said.
Regarding the order by Mrs Gandhi to the state government banning to kill stray dogs, the 52-year-old artist said that it was without knowing the grave situation of stray dogs that faced by the state, she issued such an order.
Hence, the Minister should visit the state and realise the scaring situation with the dogs, which was posed a great threat to the local people, particularly children and decision  whether  the importance should  be given to the lives of human beings or dogs, he added.
Stating that in Nagaland dogs were being killed for meat and hung on meat shops and using its sup by pregnant women there, Mr Nazeer  asked why did Mrs Gandhi not see the practice of Nagaland and issued a different order to Kerala, where according to him was found more stray Dogs in the country.
Prior to that he would organise a 13-hours no- stop music concert and mimicry near Kerala High Court here on September 13 to express his solidarity and invite the attention of the government to find a permanent solution in this regard, he added.