Knee replacement surgery done on aged woman with arthritis

Wednesday, Sep 9, 2015,20:25 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Kochi | In a first-of-its-kind surgery in Kerala, a 70-year-old woman, suffering from advanced stage of Rheumatoid Arthritis, underwent successful Total Knee Replacement Surgery using the recently launched Triathlon GetAroundKnee system.
This feat was achieved by renowned Joint Replacement Surgeon, Dr John T John, at Lourdes Hospital in the city. This was the third case in India and the first in South India, Dr John claimed.
After spending 15 years with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), physical agony and helplessness, the patient had accepted this as way of life as majority of the time she was bound to her wheel chair due to pain in her knees, specifically left one, Dr John said at a news conference here today.
After careful evaluation of patient’s reports, he advised  TKR with newly-launched Triathlon X3 Round knee system. RA and heavy weight of 85 kg placed tremendous stress on patients left knee joint and caused irreversible damage over the years, he said adding with Triathlon X3 round knee system was sure of positive result.
“One of the most successful knee systems in US, Europe and Australia, Triathlons X3′s unique design with patented Single Radius design and X3 technology helps patients recover faster, experience lesser pain, better stability and ensures a long lasting implant.
With over one million successful Triathlon patients across the globe, novel knee has now available in India,” Dr John claimed.
Triathlon X3 knee system was based on patented Single Radius Philosophy which mimics the natural human knee’s circular motion. As human knee moves (straightens or bends), ends of both thigh and shin bone rotate over each other. Within active range of motion or 10-110 degrees of movement, knee moves with single point of center ,just like a circle, he added.
Explaining how being overweight made this case tricky, DrJohn explained “any extra weight adds to the burden on knees. One kg of extra weight puts 5 kg equivalent pressure on our knee joint.
Therefore, keeping weight under control is very critical for arthritic patients. Another important aspect is with excessive weight always there is chance of high poly wear rates. Since Triathlon comes with X3 offers minimized wear rates it is ideal to this patient.’
‘Knee is the largest and most complex joint in human body. It faces tremendous load and stress during day-to-day activities. Based on this understanding, Triathlon comes with patented X3 technology which helps the implant to withstand these pressures and ensures longevity of the implant over the lifetime of a patient, he claimed.
The X3 Advanced Technology Highly Cross Linked Polyethylene Inserts help resist the effects of wear by 97 per cent compared to traditional polyethylene, provide a high level of strength and ensure a long lasting implant’ Dr John claimed.
Regarding the cost of operation and the implant, he said the Triathlon would cost about Rs 1.40 lakh against the existing artificial joint of Rs 80,000 to Rs one lakh.