World Hindi Conference: Modi combines roles of suave politician, discerning diplomat

Thursday, Sep 10, 2015,20:09 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Bhopal | Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in his elements today ‘ during his visit to this City of Lakes to inaugurate theĀ  three-day 10th World Hindi Conference (WHC) ‘ as he combined the roles of suave politician and discerning diplomat by using the event to slingshot charges at the Congress, praise central schemes and foreign leaders while striking a chord by not forgetting to mention that he learnt Hindi while selling tea in his childhood.
Placing the Congress in the crosshairs for obstructing Parliament, the Premier averred that the Opposition must respect the mandate.
‘We conducted parleys continuously in the hope that Parliament would function eventually but were compelled to ultimately prorogue the session due to the Opposition’s unrelenting stance. In a democracy, it is the duty of the party that emerges victorious to dedicate itself to the service of the people. Likewise, it is the duty of the defeated party to introspect,’ Mr Modi stressed while addressing a gathering at the state Hangar here.
‘Late Rajiv Gandhi used to deride us when the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) managed to win merely two seats in the Lok Sabha. However, the party that once controlled 400 seats has now been confined to around 40,’ he pointed out.
Observing that hindrances are being created because the Centre enacted stringent legislation against black money, he assured that New Delhi would discover ways to overcome obstacles.
Mentioning schemes initiated by his government, Mr Modi said that opening of bank accounts through the Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana and linking these to liquefied petroleum gas subsidy translated into saving of Rs 19,000 crore.
Dwelling on the need to enrich Hindi by incorporating words from other Indian languages, the Prime Minister said that devotion to language should be inclusive in a way that it connects universally.
‘We do not realise the power of language when it exists and comprehend its importance only when it becomes extinct. When something written in an ancient script is discovered, archaeologists strive to decipher its meaning,’ he said at the WHC inauguration at Lal Parade Ground.
The Prime Minister said Sanskrit is a repository of knowledge but there is a dearth of language experts.

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