Ticklers short lived when craft galore

Saturday, Sep 12, 2015,20:00 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Ever inquired about the lyricist of the recent hit songs Olenjali Kuruvi… of 1983 or Eeran Kattin… of Salala Mobiles? The lines which commemorate something lost in the past for a few of us are from the heart of a talented youth B K Hari Narayanan, a new entrant in the film world.
The nostalgic songs of yore often fetched praises for the veteran lyricists in Mollywood. However, new age wordsmiths are generally not that lucky and getting positive feedback requires outstanding caliber. Tracks like Olenjali Kuruvi from 1983 and Kaattu Mooliyo from Om Shanti Oshana, however, recently catapulted the name of a young lyricist to the promising lot.
Be it the most popular song of 2014, Olenjali Kuruvi, which captivated both young and old with its nostalgic-cum-romantic lyrics or Kaattumooliyo Pranayam, that caught the fancy of youngsters and teenagers, Hari’s words have been loved by all.
“I used to pen poems while at college and have won prizes at university levels. Once in a while, my creations used to appear in various regional magazines too. Have much freedom in penning poems, but to weave songs not getting that much.
“It was in 2009 that I had my first brush with song writing. I happened to pen five songs for a mappilappattu album titled Patturumaal. Later, I did a few devotional albums too. The film ‘Thriller’ directed by B. Unnikrishnan is my debut. Then again, with B. Unnikrishnan in ‘Grand master’ and ‘I love me’. Along with lyrics writing, I involved in other activities like working as a bus conductor for some time. After the release of 1983 and Om Shanti Osana, I became a full time lyricist”.
The year 2015 fills Hari’s wallet of letters. Theatres, radio stations and several play lists are filled with his newest songs from recent releases like Chirakodinja Kinavukal, Oru Second Class Yathra, Bhaskar the Rascal and Ivan Mariyada Raman. Hari says that he has been very lucky and is glad to be a part of good films and on working with talented music composers.
”Heard the song? Was what the old generation asked while the new generation asks ‘saw the song?’ The new trend demands attractive visualization along with beautiful lines. There are times when you have to write for a tune, or even for a visual which has already been shot. Hari compares good old to present.
An admirer of the late poet and lyricist P. Bhaskaran, Hari loves listening to old Tamil and Malayalam songs during his free time. Malayalis have changed a lot with times, those golden past of film music will never return. Hari having a poet of nostalgia in him speaks what is overwhelming in his mind.
According to Hari, a successful lyricist has to put himself into the souls of the characters he is writing songs for. He hails from Akkikkavu near Kunnamkulam in Thrissur.