Fudging in recruitment shatters public belief in govt: CVC

Thursday, Sep 17, 2015,15:28 IST By metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | Against the backdrop of the massive Vyapam scam being probed by CBI, Central Vigilance Commissioner KV Chowdary today said that fudging in the recruitment process shatters public belief in the government. Addressing a function here, he also emphasised the need for bringing transparency in the transfer and postings of government employees.
The recruitment processes in this country have been the subject matter of, number wise, the largest number of controversies. Whether in a bank a guard is being recruited or a peon’s recruitment. I think in a day, I will be dealing with one or two files relating to irregularities in recruitments, he said.
If fudging goes on in the recruitment process, the basic belief of the public is shattered, the CVC said, warning that is is the worst thing that can happen. People within organisations fudging the criteria or some ineligible persons being allowed to take the exam, without taking the exam, they being appointed, he said.
Chowdary added that while it can be looked into whether or not there was some corruption in a particular contract, but if these instances are going to shatter the basic faith of the people in the system and the government and its processes, that’s the worst thing that can happen to this country. He was speaking at an international conference on integrity pact and probity in public procurement organised here by Transparency International India.
Citing media reports that some lakhs of people have applied for 368 posts of peons in Uttar Pradesh, he said, Out of them, some number are even Ph.Ds. I do not know how good those Ph.Ds are, but certainly they are Ph.Ds. CBI is probing about 210 cases related to massive irregularities in selection processes for various government jobs in the Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board or ‘Vyapam’.
Chowdary also stressed the need for transparent transfer and posting policies. Citing transparency models adopted by Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh governments several years ago for the transfer of teachers, he said there was a need to bring some transparency in such processes. By and large people believe ‘isne karwaya hai’.
This is the common phrase you find, the CVC said as he batted for a more transparent process for the transfer and posting of government employees. A former chief of the Central Board of Direct Taxes, Chowdary said the Central Vigilance Commission is emphasising the need of identifying cases of serious corruption.
The other issue on which the commission has already begun work is identifying serious misconduct and then picking such cases up for investigation rather than looking into every misconduct. That is still in the pipeline. We are just trying to identify how we can filter these and we will be able to do something, he said. The Commission is also emphasising preventive vigilance, rather than punitive vigilance, Chowdary said, adding that there was a need to create awareness about the menace of corruption and re-engineer the processes to help people and reduce the scope for graft.
Ajay Dubey, member of Transparency International and one of the whistleblowers in Madhya Pradesh’s Vyapam scam, said there has been serious corruption in recruitment processes undertaken by various state governments. Various irregularities are being probed by CBI in the Vyapam scam.
There has to be a system for transparent recruitments for state government jobs in the country. The transfer and postings of government employees is another area of concern which gives rise to corruption. The frequent transfer and posting of employees, especially those working at the lower levels and in remote areas, needs to be checked by making the process more transparent, he said.