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Pakistan considering US request to join anti ISIS coalition

Monday, Sep 21, 2015,20:05 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Islamabad | Officials said Pakistan is considering a US request to join a multination coalition against the dreaded ISIS terror group which has become the most formidable threat to peace after al-Qaida.
Foreign Office spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah said, the US has requested Pakistan to join the Sahel to South Asia alliance.
He also added that that Pakistan is waiting for the further details. However the attitude of the Saudi Arabia is lil bit different as Islamabad refused to join a coalition led by Riyadh in Yemen. Now joining the new group may further anger Saudis who seems to be unhappy with Pakistan over the issue of Yemen, the official said.
Pakistan’s chief minister is expected to visit US President Barrack Obama by next month. According to sources he is expected to have something to
show the Americans that Pakistan is not a reluctant ally as it is generally perceived in Washington. The war against ISIS is different from Yemen conflict as several countries are involved in it. It does not mean join the war, as in principle both Prime Minister Sharif and army chief Gen Raheel Sharif are against opening any new front until the domestic mess of militancy is cleared.
Overall mood in the country is also against any war being waged for any reasons. Experts believe that the decision to join antiIS alliance would need support of the parliament. However, strategically Pakistan would not gain much by sitting outside as it will deprive itself of any opportunity for joint trainings, meetings or monetary assistance.