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Reading poetry between lines

Tuesday, Sep 22, 2015,20:43 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Edakulangara Gopan is a vernacular poet in Kerala who prefers to walk through a path paved by himself. He thinks, dreams in a different way which distinguishes his works from those of his contemporaries.
“To pave a new path, placed in the midst of traditional way of writing and the so called modern writing. In that style we can see a twilight blending tradition and modern realms, that may sound melodious” Gopan has a word perfect to match his thought.
A native of Karunagappalli in Kollam Gopan is a chief engineer with PWD in Thiruvananthapuram. He worked with different media. He is honored with Dr. Damodaran Award, D. Vinayachandran Smaraka Award, Lakshmi Smruthy Award, Nadashree Award etc.
According to Gopan modern writing is somewhat equal to modern art. It sometimes touches you nowhere. May invoke nothing in you. It may be in poetic format, but makes no sense of poetry. Love and departure are the ever favorite subjects of a writer. But to hold a place in the minds of readers, one should walk through the narrow path in between.
Poems emanating traditional values and the modern are accepted by the new era. But it demands a thing that the poem should be enjoyable. When one sees a glint near by, assure it is a new poet’s birth in him. They are the corrected writers. Gopan spells out his mind.