Goa: Street Music Plays A Vital Role In Protests

Thursday, Sep 24, 2015,15:57 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Panaji | Street music has become a key element of protests in Goa where activists are voicing their concern over ecological damage due to mega projects. A troupe of musicians playing songs in Konkani, Marathi and sometimes English has continued the legacy of musical protests that has been part of the society in the coastal state since post-liberation from Portuguese rule in 1961.
The musicians have always been an active part of Goa’s society. Whenever there is a social cause, they always pitch in with their talent.
This has been happening from the time of opinion poll days in Goa. We are just continuing the legacy, musician Siddharth Buyao said. Buyao, is the son of veteran singer and composer late Ulhas Buyao, who spearheaded musical troupes during 1967 ‘Opinion poll’ of Goa.
Presently, the agitations opposing proposed Golf Course project at Terekhol village, a mega housing project at Carmona village in South Goa has been dotted with street music.
The music comes from the heart. We are not performers but we are with the people. We go out compose and sing. Locals also join us. Sometimes, the songs are composed on the spot, said Fr Bismarque Dias, a priest-cum-social activist.
With a guitar on his back, Fr Dias says he always sings with frustration and anger. According to him, music used in protests is not a novice for Goa which has a tradition of singing ‘Mando’ or ‘Dulpod’ (both types of folk-music) which were written in ancient times to narrate life.
The state has a history of agitations including the anti-SEZ protests in 2007 where well-known singer/musicians Remo Fernandes and ‘Awara Bhavre’ fame Hema Sardesai had lend their voice. Protest music is one of the best things to happen.
There is nothing like expressing yourself through music. Whenever there is anything against Goa we have taken up to the music to voice our protest and pass on the message to maximum masses, said Hema Sardesai.