Worst tragedy revisits Mecca after 25 years

Thursday, Sep 24, 2015,20:21 IST By metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | Going by death toll in today’s stampede, which has crossed 450 and still increasing, this is the worst tragedy after 1990 in the history of disaster prone annual pilgrim.
More than 1 lakh 35 Indian Muslims are part of this year’s Hajj, though there is no report of any Indian among the dead or injured yet.
The year 1990 witnessed the worst Hajj tragedy that left 1,426 people dead following a stampede in a  tunnel leading to holy sites.
The ritual of stoning had been the reason behind most of the stampede at Mina, which witnessed tragedies frequently hitting the annual pilgrimage.
This is the second mishap which has taken place as more than 110 people, including 11 Indians were killed in crane crash incident at Mecca earlier this month.
In 2006, stoning of the Shaitan was the reason behind the stampede tragedy at Mina near Mecca which left more than 360 pilgrims dead. More than 70 people were killed in a building collapse adjacent to the Grand Mosque a day before this tragedy.
The third worst disaster was in 1997 when 340 pilgrims perished in a fire incident at Mina, while 270 people were killed in stampede in 1994 that followed the stoning ritual.
The 21st century had witnessed four major Hajj related tragedies and today’s disaster is the worst one in terms of number of deaths.
At least 35 pilgrims were killed in 2001 stampede with another sad event visiting Mecca in 2004 that left 244 people dead.