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Destiny and path are not alien for Gen Z

Monday, Sep 28, 2015,16:51 IST By metrovaartha A A A

“The new generation is more self confident rather than older generation”. M.R. Rakhi Prince, Principal of Sree Narayana Vidya Peedom, Thrippunithura well analysed the minds of youth.
“A welcoming change has come with the attitude of the wards. Now a day there is not much craze towards engineering or medicine as early. In the earlier periods, the study was focused on to write the entrance examination to secure seat for engineering or medicine.
“The new generation learning, however, reflects completely different ways of thinking about goals, methods, and environments, which can open up a whole new range of possibilities for students and the people and institutions serving them. The students have an ever present mind to accept the changes that come in their way and they keep the passion towards novel themes and ideas. That is why they are enthusiastic to uphold life’s changing patterns in the new world.
“They like to do adventurous things. Their dream is always connected with the business world, where they can implement their new ideas. This is of course the reflection of their self confidence”. Rakhi accurately analyses the minds of new generation students.
“There are vast difference between the new generation and old generation. Old generation’s thinking was restricted to his family and his native, but new generation thinking is rather global in perspective. New generation can handle anything with self confidence. They are very much aware of the advanced technologies and the wide world open to them. They are very much conscious about their rights. They are ready to question if they found someone deny their rights.
“The internet opens them a wide world of knowledge. Social media like Facebook is very attractive to the young. They like to spend more time in that. But children should have the capacity to distinguish good and bad on the network”. Principal Rakhi is very much curious and conscious about the future of the new generation.
M.R. Rakhi Prince has 16 years service as a teacher in Sree Narayana Vidya Peedom, Thrippunithura.