Modi appeals to techie expats to return their gratitude to ‘Mother India’ with interest

Monday, Sep 28, 2015,11:36 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

San Jose | Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the Indian community of Information Technology

(IT) expats in Silicon Valley to invest their talent in India and return their gratitude to ‘Mother India’ with interest.  The time has arrived. The Mother India which has sent you all here, the same Mother India awaits you all back home. Mr Modi told a euphoric audience of Indian Americans gathered at the SAP Center at West Santa Clara.

An 18,000-plus strong IT expats thronged the ‘Shark Tank’ to capacity in a function organised by the Indian American Community of West Coast in California to welcome a tech-savvy Prime Minister determined to give a global push to his Digital India mission.

Mr  Modi started his speech reminding the audience that today was September 28 in India – the birth anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, the martyred freedom fighter.  A lot has changed since I came. I see new faces, a dream in their eyes, a determination to do something, a determination to free millions from the shackles of poverty back home, he said. The world has been compelled to change the view about India because of our achievements. Your playful fingers on the mouse and the keypad have changed the way world looks at India today, he said.

In his trademark style of attack on detractors, without naming anyone, Mr Modi mocked the previous governments for their concerns over the brain drain and doing nothing about it.  But I am not worried. India is a never-emptying fountainhead of brains. If one wave has gone, there will be waves and waves that will follow, he told the cheering crowd.  I call it brain deposit, which will be returned by you with interest to India.

Every Indian’s heart swells with pride when he thinks about you, he said, promising a corruption-free government with ease of doing business in a country that is fast adopting IT and space technology in day to day governance.