High internet search on ISIS in Assam

Tuesday, Sep 29, 2015,17:33 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Guwahati | Though there are no known active members or modules of ISIS in Assam, the state has registered the highest internet activity relating to information on this Islamic fundamentalist group and its activities.
Revealing this at a press conference here today, Assam Director General of Police Khagen Sharma said ‘in terms of searching about ISIS on the internet, Assam has registered more traffic than.’ Jammu and Kashmir
However, there is no information of any cadre of the outfit or its sleeper modules’ presence in the state, he added.
The DGP further said the general tactic of the religious fundamentalist militant groups has been to organize itself over a long period of time and strike much later.
‘Several Islamic as well as Hindu fundamentalist groups are there in the state. But in terms of violence committed, these groups have not struck yet. These groups organize themselves, recruit cadres and lie low for a long period of time,’ Mr Sharma said.
He pointed out that while many jehadi elements have been arrested in the state, including 24 JMB activities along with arms and ammunition, no Islamic fundamentalist group has yet carried out any subversive activity.
‘These groups wait for long to strike. They are unlike the ethnic militant groups, which have an immediate agenda of revenge and carry out violence to register their presence,’ he said.
The top cop admitted that threat from the fundamentalist organizations was increasing in the state and said, ‘We have been keeping a strict vigil. As a result of it, we have been able to bust training camps of JMB and arrest its cadres in recent times.’
On nexus between the fundamentalist groups and local ethnic militants, Mr Sharma said logistics support was extended to each other, but there was no ‘operational nexus’ between these groups.
On recruitment of new cadres by the outfits, he said boys aged between 10 to 15 years are seen to be preferred by the militants as they can be easily indoctrinated and can also serve as suicide squads.