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People Are Aware Of their Human Rights

Saturday, Oct 3, 2015,19:49 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Difference of opinion is still going on about the death penalty. But according to Justice J.B. Koshy, Kerala State Human Rights Commission Chairman, stalling the death penalty may result to an increase in crimes.
”When cases reach to supreme court finally after passing through all other legal subsystems from session court, that also in the rarest of the rare circumstances, the death penalty is executed. The accused should be treated with accurate punishment, otherwise it will lead to increase in crimes and murders. But a fear about death penalty, of course contributes to lessen the number of crimes.
“The number of complaints has increased seeking action on human rights violation. But it is not because the number of violations has gone up. People are more conscious nowadays about the activities of the Human Rights Commission. In past times, most cases were not reported as people were scared about police stations and the cost incurred for litigations was much higher. Even though in most cases there was no final action. But the current situation is different.
“Lot of cases like corruption and bribe in Government offices, problems related to waste management, transgression etc is cropping up in the Commission’s perusal everyday. The commission is keen to take action within the time stipulated on as many issues. Reigning high literacy, people are more aware of their rights as humans. To support this, lots of awareness classes, workshop  etc. are taking place”. Justice Koshy is alert.
Justice J.B. Koshy was the Chief Justice of Patna High Court. He was Acting Chief Justice in the Kerala High Court too. He was also the Executive Chairman of Kerala Legal Services Authority.