No more discussion on beef as all resolutions are disallowed

Monday, Oct 5, 2015,13:44 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Srinagar | Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly speaker Kavinder Gupta today said there would be no discussion on beef ban issue since the matter was in the court. When the House met again after first adjournment for 15 minutes which was later extended to 30 minutes, speaker Gupta announced that he has disallowed all issues on beef. ”I have disallowed the Resolutions submitted by members of National Conference (NC), Independent member Er Sheikh Abdul Rashid and Communist Party of India (M) under Rule 56 and Section 7,” he said. 

The speakers ruling was however challenged by the opposition members who demanded that the House can discuss anything and everything. A number of opposition members have submitted Resolutions and Bills demanding scraping of law which bans consumption of beef in the state.
Communist Party of India (Marxist) member Targami alleged that speaker disrespected his constitutional mandate of neutrality and virtually, and acted as a spokesperson of the government. The remarks of the Speaker indicate that the government has shelved the much-needed debate on the bills related to beef ban, he said.
The Legislative Assembly is the highest forum, where the matters of public interest are to be debated and discussed and no other institution or forum can undermine the significance and belittle its sanctity, he said. The Speaker’s argument that he will wait for Supreme Court clarification on the issue does not hold as the sub-judice nature of the matter does not bar the Legislative Assembly to debate and discuss the bills already submitted,? he added.
Mr Tarigami said the Speaker must appreciate the importance of bills on the subject, given the sensitivities involved therein and use the authority vested in him so that these important bills are not shelved for the narrow political interests. There is a sustained campaign by forces inimical to peace and harmony, which are hell bent to project the issue on divisive lines. The fact of the matter remains that this issue, if not resolved through legislative procedures, is bound to create more complicacies. The sanctity of the House and its legitimacy to legislate on such issues should not be undermined, he said.