A golden love story for the silver screen

Wednesday, Oct 7, 2015,19:46 IST By TS Naufia / Meera Radhakrishnan A A A

Forsaking a love heart and living life in search of it constituted the storyline of many films in our times. RS Vimal made true life love story film ‘Ennu ninte Moideen’ in Malayalam is an addendum to that reel domain. The film is about love birds lost in destiny during the course of time. An embodiment of love and unblemished humanness through a void in between aspiration and despair is the mood on its merits.
The ripples of Iruvazhinji puzha sing a song heart wrenching. The ethereal love story of Moideen and Kanchanamala has been eternalized by RS Vimal’s portrayal of the lovers’ world through his directorial venture. The story is a  parable to people live on the banks of this river. R.S.Vimal translated the tragic love story that happened in Mukkom, Kozhikkode into a visual drama.
Vimal succeeded to express in the minimum possible words, which is more akin to poetry in its felicitous for reflecting the inner contours of the human mind and sometimes let even the silence audible. The director has apparently tried to keep the story as close to reality as possible.
When the shooting started, he had the determination to bring to the forefront the love story of Moideen and Kanchanamala with the needed precision. However, he is spellbound by the warm response from viewers. He really succeeded when brought this love story to the big screen and roped in Prithviraj and Parvathy to play the couple.
RS Vimal has 15 years of experience as a journalist. He was supposed to make a documentary as demanded by his profession. He met Kanchanamala with the project to make her life story as a documentary titled Jalam Kondu Murivettaval (wounded by water). This documentary attained many rewards including national award.
By then Vimal came to know the tragic love story of Moideen. It was Rasheed, who told him about his deceased brother Moideen and Moideen’s ‘unmarried widow’ Kanchanamala. The story fascinated him and he asked him that whether he could do a documentary on them.
When he reached Mukkom in Kozhikkode, where Kanchanamala lives, he could feel the intensity of the love story,  like Romeo and Juliet, Ramanan and Chandrika, something we cannot experience from any normal love stories.  Moideen died in 1982 but Kanchana is still living as an ‘unmarried widow’ of Moideen.
Vimal said that they went to the shooting spot each day with lots of uncertainty about how that day would fare for them as there were lots of problems around the film and it was like some people do not want the film to come out. But this success and acceptance that are getting is the reward for all of their hard work and the pain and tears through which they travelled in these 6-7 years.
As the film is set in a period from 1960 to 1984, they  had to invest much in makeup, art, costumes and visual effects to give it a realistic look. The producers Suresh, Binoy and Ragy came to the project only after they watched Jalam Kondu Murivettaval. So from the beginning itself, they were aware that this project required a huge amount of money.
“Kanchana’s Moideen was favorite to everybody. He was brave, active in political, social, cultural activities. He was a hero to the natives. Nobody has matched to do the role of Moideen on screen, except Prithviraj, I realised. The real Kanchana wanted me to cast only Prithviraj as Moideen, as she knew that the characteristics of the late Moideen only matched with Prithviraj. She even insisted for that too. Prithvi had watched the documentary. He had a great wish to do the character. Yes, Prithvi very beautifully presented Moideen. Parvathy also beautifully performed as Kanchana. I was impressed by Prithviraj’s and Parvathy’s dedication and performance”. Vimal says.
The film tells the tragic love story of Moideen who belongs to a renowned Muslim family and Kanchanamala who is the daughter of a Hindu thiyya aristocratic landlord.
The motif of a backdrop having intermittent rains added to the aura of the spotless love of Moideen and Kanchanamala, thereby enhancing the cathartic effect of the film. Since inter-religious marriages were a taboo then, the couple had to part ways as their families objected to their love affair.
Moideen shifted grounds to being a social-political activist when Kanchanamala was kept under house arrest for 22 years. Both communicated these years through the language they have developed until Moideen’s tragic end in a boat mishap in the river Iruvazhinjippuzha in July 1982 that shattered her. Kanchanamala attempted to commit suicide, but Moideen’s mother held her hand and lifted her back to life.
Vimal has apparently spent seven years in research and working on this film. In fact, he even went and stayed in a rented house in Mukkom for his preparations. He says that like in the film, Moideen’s story still rains within him, and he would think of another movie, once it subsides. He wishes to do this film in Tamil too.
Vimal’s wish for life was to become a writer. He liked to read and write from his childhood. He is the native of Thiruvananthapuram. His wife Niju is a Professor in Engineering College. The couple has one daughter, Adwaita studying in second standard.