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Prime Minister Narendra Modi says Coming Bihar elections is a referendum against Jungle Raj

Thursday, Oct 8, 2015,14:50 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Munger | Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched a blistering attack on Janata Dal (U) led grand secular alliance and asked the people to treat the upcoming assembly polls as a referendum against prevailing jungle raaj in Bihar. 

Addressing a huge gathering at the airport ground here, the Prime Minister said the people should treat the polls as a battle between jungle raaj and Vikas raaj and he was confident that the people would join the journey of development with this election.
Mr Modi claimed that kidnapping for ransom had turned into a flourishing industry in the state and said there were 4,000 kidnappings in the state between January and July this year alone and the present government was hapless before the perpetrators.
He said people refused to venture out after sunset and mother used to ask her children not to attend festivals for the fear of being kidnapped.
Even people had stopped buying new vehicles fearing that it would be snatched by the goons of the ruling party politicians.