Rs 50 lakh looted from Kerala realtor

Friday, Oct 9, 2015,20:10 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Coimbatore | Impersonating as police officials, a six member gang waylaid a realtor from Kerala at Vellakoil in nearby Tirupur District and looted Rs 50 lakh from him today, police said.
Shynesh, hailing from Kannur in Kerala, along with his four friends had gone to Tiruchirapalli to purchase building materials on the advise of one Rajesh, police said.
However, Rajesh told them to go to Coimbatore, since the materials were lying there and sent two of his accomplices in another vehicle.
As Shynesh reached Vellakoil, six persons, some dressed as police officials, waylaid he vehicle in the early hours, and in the pretext of search snatched the bag carrying Rs 50 lakh and asked to follow them to police station.
Shynesh and friends realised that they were cheated only after reaching police station and lodged a complaint against Rajesh, two of his accomplices and six unidentified persons, police said.