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“The new generation miss something in learning”

Friday, Oct 9, 2015,17:19 IST By metrovaartha A A A

“Any student like all human beings keeps some amount of goodness in mind, but that comes out only when they are approached for that. The bitter fact is, nowadays the majority of the students are falling prey to different political parties. Says Dr. Visakh Varma, former Professor, writer. Students are always becoming victims to many bad political moves. So in this case parents and teachers should be very alert, to direct them. Politics is good, if we approach it in a good manner.
“For bygone days college was everything to students and college life was the one they loved very much. Teacher-student relation was divine, then. The dedicated and determined teachers of those times have had a key role in  building up values in their students. Time has changed. I always felt now the life of a student is controlled by the electronic media. They are attracted by the electronic wonders.
“Yesteryears were blessed with the presence of many great leaders. They had a serious approach to the issues that come across. But now the situation is entirely different. Not many good leaders in any party. Those who are in, dont have the capacity to tackle the issues sometimes. All are very selfish and have no interest to do something good for the society. They are not much bothered to the events happen in society too. They are not acquiring proper guidance. Society also has a responsibility to watch and guide them. Every citizen has a commitment to the society, at where he is living. No such commitment is seen now a days. Electronic media influence them in every aspect”.
Dr.Visakh Varma has 36 years of experience as Economics  Professor in seven Goverment colleges, including Maharajas College, Ernakulam, Government Victoria College Palaghat. He retired from service from Panampilly Govinda Menon Memorial College, Chalakkudy as Principal. At present, he is the visiting faculty in Cherai Rural Academy For Management Studies, MES School of Architecture, Kuttippuram.
Varma is the author of many books in Economics.  He is active in literary works too. He has published an anthology  ‘Arshikkarayile Pazhaya Kari Engine’.