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Fragrance of Sweet Melodies

Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015,15:53 IST By metrovaartha A A A

The walls of the house Bhageerathi in Kozhikkode is murmuring the enchanting songs penned by Jayasree Kishore, inmate of that house. Jayasree Kishore has become popular with her songs in the Malayalam movie Rudrasimhasanam. All songs are enriched with the sweetness of a poem and got its due recognition in the top hits list in no time.
Jayasree is very happy to share her world which blends with the beauty of letters as poems, short stories and film songs.
Now she is busy with script writing. “It is entirely different, has not touched this area of writing before. It is in the primary stage. So don’t tell much about it”. Jayasree says with a smile.
She hails from Ernakulam and married to Kozhikkode native. Jayashree is an exception to those ladies who prefer to be within the frame of family after marriage. Along with her busy schedule as a wife and mother, she found out time to read and write too.
It is her passion that she never gives up. Not so popular writer Jayashree became famous with her beautiful songs in Rudrasimhasanam. Her lyrics give the older generation a world of nostalgia and to the new generation a cultural insight that most of them might have never experienced. Prior to this she has written songs for a film. But that film has not released yet.
She is the sister of Bhasi Mankuzhi, the producer of the super hit film ‘Gazal’ and the scriptwriter of ‘Sthree’ a popular mega serial in Television few years back. She used to write title songs for TV serials. Bhasi Mankuzhi introduced her to the film world too. She came foot held in the field of film lyrics writing by penning song for ‘Mrs Susanna’ of her brother. But that film didn’t get completed.
“Books are my intimate friends. I have been an avid reader since childhood. That opened a wide world to me. I have always been fascinated with the magical presentation of letters. That really induced the writer in me and of course that encouraged me to put my step into the literary world. But didn’t try to send those two magazines as lack of confidence.
“Neerali one of my poems was published in a magazine which was sent to them by my husband Kishore. That prompted me to do more literary works. Most of them were published. Those were noticed by Madambu Kunjikuttan. He wanted me to publish an anthology. As per that I  have published two anthologies, related to poems ‘Ammi kothanilla’ and ‘Kuruthi Pookkal’. ‘Thekke Vathilinte Chavi’ is a collection of short stories also being published. O.N.V.has written the preface to ‘Kuruthi Pookkal’.
“I was introduced to Sunil Parameswaran by my brother Bhasi Mankuzhi, who has written the novel ‘Roudrathalam’. Sunil Parameswaran once told me that he would give me a chance to write songs when his novel becomes a movie. But I didn’t take it seriously. Years after I was selected as lyricist when the novel became the movie ‘Rudrasimhasanam’.
“The songs are appreciated by many famous persons including Nedumudi Venu. Really happy with that. I am active in all literary works, including short stories, poems, lyrics writing, etc. But I like to write more poems. Even though Kishore is not a serious reader, he takes initiative to publish my works”. Says Jayashree.
Jayashree-Kishore couple has two children. Son Hari and daughter Ammini are active in the literary field. The book named ‘Golden Touch’ is written by Hari.