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Sequencing a safeguard agenda for women online

Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015,20:12 IST By Vidya Sabu / Meera Radhakrishnan A A A

“Women take their safety in own hands”. This common belief is going to materialise through proper planning in Kerala at least in the virtual space. An agenda before the officials who deal with cyber crimes. Now they realise that self awareness is the need of the hour to prevent teenagers and women from falling prey in Cyber world. Kori Sanjay Kumar Gurudin, Thiruvananthapuram DCP is now on this mission.
The majority of Cyberstalking victims all over the world are women. Sanjay Kumar is very familiar to those who are dealing with Facebook. He has opened his Facebook page to the public. There he spends time to talk with the public. He has a clear vision that how to deal with the problem related to the cyber world and how to tackle cyber issues. With regard to this he has designed a detailed ground work and waiting to get government nod. Apart from this he is going to publish a book on the subject.
Cyberspace has got profound attention today because of the many advantages that could be availed to facilitate affairs and save time and money. However, despite the advantages, internet holds various risks and harms for non deterrent users. The targeted victims on the other hand, are a general lot irrespective of their level of social status, sex or age. Those who had used the services in the cyber world for various purposes like socializing, trading, doing a transaction and various other works are always vulnerable.
Women are among those who are easy to become victims of cybercrime, because besides negligence, cyber criminals view women as easy and safe targets for their heinous act. Therefore, Sanjay’s study tries to identify several factors and reason of women’s involvement in cyber world and why they are trapped especially as victims of cybercrime. This study also recommends a few safety measures for women to safeguard own their own.
Teenage girls have been victims of cyber bullying. Teens said that being able to block cyberbullies was the most effective method of prevention. Parents and caregivers have a responsibility to help keep youth safe online. More teens falling prey to cyber-scams. Children and teens, often naive, trusting and looking for friendships online, are especially vulnerable to being exploited sexually or financially. Teens, especially those without enough supervision or communication at home, find the attention or affection online.
Research on the victimization of adolescent girls often focuses on crimes involving physical violence, such as sexual assault and child abuse. The increasing victimization of adolescent girls is through cyberbullying. It is important to know about cyber stalking as well as ways to protect yourself since most of us are still illiterate as far as cyber laws are concerned. The majority of victims of stalking, be it online or offline, are women, which makes it more important to know about our Rights and these laws.
However, this highlights the need to empirically investigate instances of harassment that occur through the use of electronic media. Cyberbullying is defined as, willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices. Cyberbullying typically involves sending text messages, making fun of, threatening, or otherwise harassing another person. Other examples include creating a web page or social networking profile spreading hurtful information about another.
Cyber attacks and harassment have been increasing day by day in the state. As per the reports, exploitation through email in 2012 was 105, but in 2015, it increased to 296. Attack through web site in 2012 was 146 and in 2015 192. Mobile phone exploitation is in the vast scale, it is ranging from 3423 in the last 2 years to double in the current year. The unreported cases may be large in number compared to the reported.
According to DCP each and every case should be reported. There is a special wing in police to watch the cyber crimes and seek remedies. This is operating with advanced technology. Along with this, parents should be alert and be aware about what their children are doing on the internet. But the bitter fact is that parents are not much aware of this, actually they are ignorant. Only about seven percentage of the parents are aware of the cyber world.
Reports say, in our state twenty seven girls committed suicide owing to cyber attack till date. A well prepared and studied plan regarding cyber attacks, is the one which I am going to submit to the Government. Cyber attacks on women, how to prevent, remedies, punitive actions, etc are covered in the plan.
“Women should be alert and don’t hesitate to report, when there is an attack digitally”. Repeatedly says Sanjay Kumar. A Kerala cadre 2005 batch IPS officer who hails from Lucknow Sanjay Kumar is the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Law and Order and traffic), Thiruvanahapuram City.