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Silence sounds nothing, but counts Seven for Neha

Saturday, Oct 17, 2015,19:13 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Neva Jomy the 10 year oldĀ  girl of class 5 in Ebenezer International Residential School, Ettumanoor has a unique skill. She is able to count the number of letters in a word or sentence that reads or listens, at an astonishing speed.
Neva could tell the number of letters in a word as soon as you read or spell it. Be it a magazine or newspaper, Neva can keep counting the number of letters in the words as you continue to read.
Neva was in Kochi with her parents and elder brother in connection with the official declaration of Indian Book of Records. Her rare talent is taking her name to the Indian Book of Records. After completing a few formalities, Neva will present her skill before the Guinness book record authorities also.
Neva had to undergo a small test to get into the Indian Book Of Records.
Daughter of Jomy Mathew Perunnolil, a businessman who hails from Aymanam and Emily, Neva has already become the blue eyed girl of her village. To her natives she is a ‘computer girl’. The parents started recognising her skills hardly six months ago. From alphabetizing the names of people, Initially, she could count up to twenty letters. But she can now count the letters in a paragraph containing 70-80 words or up to 300 letters at a stretch.
The ten-year-old had started it just for fun and as a pass time joke. The little prodigy has ever been an avid reader and continues to amaze others by hitting the correct number of letters in the words she listen to. It was her brothers George and Kevin first noted the exceptional talent of their sister.
When Neva claimed that she could spell the number of letters in the words they said, the brothers didn’t take it seriously. But once she proved it to them, they were completely taken aback. Neva’s mother, Emily and father Jomy soon recognised the uniqueness of the talent in their daughter. They all encouraged her to practice it during her spare time.
Neva takes just one third of the time, which people normally take to identify the letters in the words uttered in English; she feels no difficulty in doing the same in Malayalam as well.
Reading is Neva’s main hobby. There is a library in her house. A certain amount of money is kept aside every week for buying books. Her father was initially reluctant to speak about her talent in public. But now things have changed.
Neva has displayed her ability at various venues including schools. She is currently planning to formulate a similar method in mathematical calculations.