RSS supports Dadri lyching : Vedas say kill cow murderers

Sunday, Oct 18, 2015,14:45 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | Fuelling the ongoing beef debate, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sang (RSS) mouthpiece in its cover story has said that the killing of Mohammad Iqlakh in Dadri over beef consumption rumours could not have been without reason and even the Vedas mandate killing of those who slaughter cows. 

An article in RSS organ Panchjanya said,The Vedas order killing of anyone who slaughters the cow. Cow slaughter is a big issue for the Hindu community. For many of us it’s a question of life and death. The article also questioned the rebellion by writers who are returning their awards to protest the lynching episode.
Writers did not see the cow slaughter by Iqlakh. You didn’t see the fact that none of the media reports on Dadri mentioned any personal enmity of anyone with Iqlakh. Dadri village has never even seen any communal tension. One could have believed Iqlakh’s death to be without reason but then we have the Newton’s law of every action inviting an equal and opposite reaction.
The incident Iqlakh’s killing in a village that has a history of peace could not have been without reason. The article further asks the rebelling writers why they fail to question the social mindset which encouraged Mohammad Iqlakh to commit a crime which could have such grave consequences.
Holding that all present day Muslims were Hindus some generations back,the article said, Who has taught converted Indians to spit on their own culture and values. After all, all Indian Muslims including Iqlakh were Hindus until few generations ago.Iqlakh’s ancestors too were cow protectors who like the many courageous people used to punish cow killers. How did these converts become so hateful as to turn cow killers from cow protectors.