India, Africa have lot of scope of strengthening ties

Monday, Oct 19, 2015,15:44 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | India and Africa have lot of scope of increasing bilateral ties in economy sector including agriculture and industry, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu said here today. He said India is looking forward to work with Africa in a significant way with priorities in economy development. 

There is a tremendous possibility of India and Africa working together specially in increasing agriculture production and industrialisation, Prabhu said at the Assocham event. There are various means of cooperation like government to government, private to private and also government with private players, he said, adding that the government was committed to make sure that Africa becomes a close ally of India in terms of development is concerned as both are going to be the fastest growing economy in the world.
There is a huge affinity between African and Indian leaders. We are looking forward to working with Africa in a significant way. We share lot of values, lot of concerns and also a lot of priority as far as the economy development is concerned, he said. Referring to the upcoming India-Africa summit, Prabhu said Our Prime Minister has invited all African leaders to visit and we are having India-Africa summit.
This will be the largest congregation of world leaders coming to India from a continent which has very good relation with India. Representatives from 54 African nations, including heads of state of some 40 countries, and the powerful African Union are expected to participate in the four-day summit beginning October 26. Africa has one billion plus people and we are 1.2 billion nation.
So our development priorities are natural resources management, industrialisation among others. We need to work in many areas including industrial development, increasing agri- products and job creation, he said.