Search engine Google celeberates RK Laxman’s 94th birthday

Saturday, Oct 24, 2015,11:12 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Search Google is celebrating legendary cartoonist and creator of ‘The Common Man’ RK Laxman’s 94th birthday by dedicating its doodle.Search engine Google on Saturday honoured one of post-Independence India’s greatest caricaturists Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Laxman on his 94th birthday with a doogle on its homepage.

To hold him and his work in great respect, Google on Saturday sketched out a black and white doodle, which doodle displays the caricature/doodler’s art studio that has his work desk on the left and a number of canvases on the right. In the centre, Laxman can be seen sitting on a chair, sketching out “The Common Man” on a canvas; with him standing behind it, holding a newspaper.The Google logo can be seen in the background, spreading across the doodle.
“Laxman was best known for his Common Man character, who he drew into his cartoons as a witness to the kinds of hypocrisies and societal inequalities Laxman wanted to silently expose,” Google said in a statement.
Laxman was born in Mysore on october 24,1921. He died of a cardiac arrest at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital on January 26, 2015.