A K Antony attacks Sangh Parivar’s ‘politics of intolerance’

Saturday, Oct 31, 2015,16:02 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Kochi | Senior Congress leader A K Antony today came down heavily on the Sangh Parivar over its alleged politics of intolerance, saying the very foundation of the country built by leaders like Sardar Patel is being demolished by forces surrounding Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The former Kerala Chief Minister, while slamming the recent Delhi police ‘raid’ at the Kerala House in New Delhi on complaints of cow meat being served there, also said Malayalees are living in insecurity in north India.

Divisive forces are performing ‘Tandav’ dance in India. Such a situation has never arisen in the past. Communal forces are demolishing the foundation of unity of our country. Representatives of the present government, Sangh Parivar, RSS they are the forces demolishing the unity of the country, he said, while recalling contributions of Sardar Patel and Indira Gandhi in nation building.

The former Defence Minister urged Modi and his government to accept the diversity of the country to retain its unity. If India’s diversity is not accepted, then it will be difficult to retain its unity. The very base of our unity is being demolished by those who stand left and right of our Prime Minister, he said at a meet-the-press programme.

Accusing Sangh Parivar of trying to impose their ideas upon others, the senior Rajya Sabha MP referred to the Dadri lynching incident and said it would be very difficult if they insist that one should eat particular food and wear particular dress.

Malayalees are living in insecurity in north India, he said, referring to the Kerala House beef episode. Union Home Minister has expressed regret over the Kerala House incident. I welcome it. But the issue would not end there. It is a serious matter, he said.

Antony urged the Prime Minister to take strong action against the forces trying to destroy peace in the country. He should at least react strongly against such forces, the leader said.