A star rising when Meenakshi transformed into Pathu

Tuesday, Nov 3, 2015,20:13 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Pathu, asked ‘Amar Akar Antony’, to have a teddy bear as the birthday gift to her. Now, she is happy with a very big teddy bear presented by her father on her birthday. The salesmen in the shop, where she was bought teddy bear, were thrilled with her presence in their shop and competed to take selfies. They showed their affection towards little Pathu and presented her beautiful bangles. Baby Meenakshi became another star through Amar Akbar Antony. She hails from Kidangoor, Kottayam.
Nobody will forget little Pathu who has seen her in the film. She is the centre attraction of the film. “Now, where ever she goes people used to surround her by calling Pathu. Actually she is in a stage to forget her real name. People queuing up to make selfie and to get autographs, with Meenakshi”-  Anoop, her father says.
did her debut short film, when she was 3 years old- Anoop adds.
“She has acted in many films before, but didn’t get the popularity. When she was invited to act as Pathu, the crew didn’t mention the importance of the role and we didn’t expect this major role she had to perform. All liked her performance and in many shots, she became okay with the first take. Pritviraj and Nadirsha congratulated her. She made her debut short film, when she was 3 years old- Anoop adds.
“No dad, I was only two and a half years, when I acted in my first short film. Meenakshi suddenly interfered in the talks. “I had an injury, during my acting in Amar Akar Antony. At that time Raju uncle (Pritviraj) carried me to Caravan. Shooting too stopped as I was  injured”. For some time Meenakshi turned to Pathu.
Her debut short film is ‘Madhuram Nombaram’ crafted by her neighbours, Akhil S.Praveen and Nikhil S. Praveen. The Facebook page of Meenakshi is also handled by them. ‘Sparsham’, ‘Ente kunjuvavakku’, ‘Savation’ etc are other short films of her. She has presented fantastic performance in all these. She has done mini roles in ‘ One by two’, ‘Jamna Pyari’, ‘Kumbasaram’ like films. ‘Aana Mayil Ottakam’, ‘Zacharia Pothan Jevichiruppundu’, ‘Vettah’ etc are her upcoming movies. In this short time, she acted in 30 telefilms, 25 albums, 10 advertisements.
In the film ‘Amar Akbar Antony’, Pathu equally loves the three. But Meenakshi likes Pritviraj the most. Pritviraj is her ever favorite actor. In future, she likes to become the heroine of him too. Manju Warrier is her favorite actress. She appears with Kamal Hassan in a textile shop advertisement.
Meenakshi’s family completes with a small brother, two and a half years old and mother Remya. She is studying in Aravinda Vidyalaya, Kidangoor. She is Anunaya in school. Anunaya is getting good support and co-operation from teachers. Teachers and her friends assist her in her missed classes.  A flex board of her is fixed in front of her school.
“The drawings in the film, when showing me at the first time in the movie were drawn by me. All liked those”. Believe it, Meenakshi is a good drawing artist too.