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Forest is Ali’s second home

Wednesday, Nov 4, 2015,19:47 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Ali, an adorer of forests, sitting in his ration shop, started to narrate the secrets of forest he has tasted. He likes to travel through the dense forests and his camera catches the rare beautiful scenes, only the forest can contribute.
His love to forest starts from his childhood. He used to go to forests with his father. He hails from Edakkara in Malappuram district. As a hill place, the forest is not strange to him. He used to go to visit the tribal colonies in the forest with his friends, when he was a school boy. That journey has been continuing.
He finds out time to go with different groups for trecking. He is participating in Government census from 2001 onwards. “It is fortunate to get a chance in wild life census including Elephant, Tiger census. It is difficult to get an entry in Kerala forests. Only through census, it is possible”. Ali says.
An animal population census makes it possible to determine the adherence of animals to specific habitats, identify rhythms in animal activities, determine the nature of seasonal and annual changes in population size and the factors that influence them, and clarify other aspects of animal ecology. This censuses are useful in organising pest control, limiting the taking of commercial animals, and determining the biomass of individual species and the total productivity of biological communities.
“I started wild life photography in 2009. To close the mouth of all, who enquire on my going to forest, I took camera. I liked to show the scenes, which I see in forest, to my family and the natives. I like photography. The photos of me liked by all. I could exhibit photos in different schools. Got the opportunity to exhibit in Malappuram and Kozhikkode twice. Glad to get good response from all sides”. tells Ali.
According to Ali, Kerala forests are enriched with its beauty and diversity. Can’t describe in a few words, how much feel gets from the forests. Nilgiris forest is blessed with variety of wild animals. These forests are home to the largest herd of Asian elephants in India. As it is a dry area, it is easy to take photos here, but difficult to take photos in rainy forests. Tiger is the most beautiful wild animal, when we look through lense. When a man enters the forest, it is easily realised by the animals. They have their own signals to inform among them. No wild animal will attack us, but only when we interfere in their privacy. But elephants are exceptional.
“When, once during a Bandipur visit, we were blocked in the path of an angry tusker it took three hours to escape from it, but it seemed like three days. I like the photo of a kind of deer being killed by eight wild dogs in Nelliyampati forest. From the early morning six o’ clock to afternoon 0ne o’ clock had to wait to take this photo.
Only to put photos in social media like facebook, there are snake catchers, says Ali. He is on the opinion that, snake catching is good, but to place it from its location to other is equal to killing. It is not good to feed deer and monkey, as the salt content items may affect their organic process. Don’t love animals, only to upload photos in social media.
He keeps a special sum of money everyday, to travel. He had travelled the forests in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Gir Ban in Gujarat, Sikkim-Bhutan, West Bengal.
His great dream is to take photos of Jaguar in Brazil. He plans to go to his dream world in 2025. Shereefa, his wife and children Anshid and Anshiya are the great supporters of him. Every travel is an experience. It is like reading a good book. A travel to the favourite destination enhances our positive energy and of course teaches a lot.