LDF leads in all over Kerala till now

Saturday, Nov 7, 2015,13:13 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

In all over Kerala LDF is still leading. In Grama Panchayat, Out of 941 seats LDF is leading with 524seats, UDF with 376 seats, BJP with 17 seats and OTH with 15 seats.

In Block Panchayat, out of 152 seats, LDF is leading with 91 seats, UDF with 61 seats, BJP with zero seats and OTH wih zero seats.

In District Panchayat, out of 14 seats, LDF is leading with 7 seats, UDF with 7 seats, BJP and OTH failed to grab any seat so far.

In Municipality, out of 87 seats, LDF is leading with 44 seats, UDF with 41 seats, BJP with 1 seat and OTH with zero seat.

In Coporation where neck to neck competetion is going on between LDF and UDF, oot of 6 seats LDF leads with 4 seats, UDF with 2 seats, OTH and BJP with zero seats.