Kerala civic polls election results

Saturday, Nov 7, 2015,9:47 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Kochi | Counting of votes for the local body elections in Kerala began at 244 centres across the state on Saturday morning. Polling was held at 1,199 three-tier local bodies on November 2 and 5. Elections were held for 1199 local bodies, which includes 941 village panchayats, 152 block panchayats, 14 district panchayats, 86 municipalities and 6 corporations.

In Thiruvananthapuram, LDF wins 36 seats , BJP wins 32 seats, UDF wins 20 seats and OTH wins 3 seats.

In Kollam, LDF wins 36 seats, UDF wins 14 seats, BJP wins 3 seats, OTH wins 2 seat. It seems Ldf is going to win in Kollam. Udf seems to be trying hard to grab the seats to win.

In Kochi, UDF wins 38 seats, LDF wins 20 seats, OTH with 11 seats and BJP with 2 seats.

In Thrissur, LDF seems to lead with 17 seats, UDF with 13 seats, OTH with 6 seats and BJP with 5 seats.

In Kozhikode also, LDF is leadind with 44 seats, UDF with 18 seats, OTH wins 4 seats, BJP wins 1 seat.

In Kannur, LDF with 27 seats, UDF with 26 seats, OTH with 2 seat and BJP with 0 seats.

Municipality :

In Attingal, LDF wins 22 seats, UDF wins 5 seats, BJP wins 4 seats, OTH wins 0 seats.

In Nedumangadu, LDF wins 21 seats,UDF wins 12 seats, BJP wins 4 seats, OTH wins 2 seats.

In Neyyattinkara, LDF wins 21 seats UDF wins 12 seats OTH wins 6 seats, BJP wins 5 seats.

In Varkala, LDF wins 14 seats,UDF wins 7 seats, OTH wins 2 seat, BJP wins 1 seat.

District Panchayat :

LDF with 8 seats, UDF with 6 seats, BJP with 0 seats, OTH with 0 seat.

Block Panchayat :

LDF is leading with 96 seats, UDF with 56 seats, OTH with 0 seats, BJP with 0 seat.