All music is a lullaby when in the family way

Wednesday, Nov 11, 2015,20:59 IST By G G Gowthami / Meera Radhakrishnan A A A

Anna Katharina Valayil, made her way into film music lover’s mind with her debut song ‘Appangalembadum’. It was Gopi Sunder, who roped her to croon ‘Appangalembadum’ for Anwar Rasheed film ‘Usthad Hotel’. She received recognition through this hit single. Katharina’s voice is a harbinger of a sizzling bright future in the Indian Indie music scene. She became a lyricist, now she wears the suit of a music composer. Yes, she is here to share her dreams, new role in music life, new projects etc.
Now awaiting the release of the Movie “Aakashavani” in which she is debuting as a Music Director for the song “Kiliye” which is a blues jazz number. The movie directed by Khais Millen has an interesting storyline focussed on husband and wife characters. Kavya Madhavan and Vijay Babu are enacted as the couple.
Actually, this music, she composed was not for this particular film “Aakashavani”. A music, which she has already composed and kept was used in this film as requested by Vijay Babu. He liked the song the most when once heard and after making some modifications the song was put in ‘Aakashavani’ as the title song.
“I have taken much strain and pain, while doing this music composition. All went on well with the support and training of Gopi Sundar”. Anna says.
She likes to be known as music entertainer.
Anna was born to Valayil Joseph Varghese and Mini Varghese in Kottayam. She spent her early childhood in Nigeria with her family. Her parents gifted her an innate eastern style of singing that came out noticeably and put her on a look out list at a time where singers were classified as either Carnatic or Hindustani and if not then western.
She graduated from St. Theresa’s College, Cochin, and later went to Australia to pursue her passion as a Pilot from the famous Flying School, Moorabbin Aviation Services and alongside took her PG in Media Studies from the prestigious Swinburne University. After her PG and Pilot training, she headed back to her hometown from Melbourne, Australia.
She penned lyrics for,  ‘I want to fly’ in ‘Bangalore Days’, ‘Laila Oh Laila’ in ‘Dil Dilvana’. The latter one was sung by herself.
The most strong pillar in her life is Ranjesh Jacob Chandy, her husband. He is a successful entrepreneur running a catering chain in Kerala. She is expecting her second baby now. However, instead of sitting at home taking rest like other pregnant women, she is busy with the release of her new single ‘Honey Bee’, her musical album. One more album of hers is yet to be released.
The song that Anna composed after the birth of her first baby, drawing inspiration from the innocence and vigour of childhood, is an ode to all kids.
“My inspiration for this song is my daughter. Kids are pretty curious. Just like honey bees, they are vibrant and touch and feel things. Even trivial things matter to them and they are eager to know new things. All these inspired me to do this song”, says Anna.
Saying that pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life, Anna explains the evolution of the song. “During my first pregnancy, I had done a few compositions. Then my daughter came to our life and inspired by her life, I did ‘Honey Bee’. But, my husband insisted that it should not stop me from pursuing my dream as pregnancy is a natural thing in a woman’s life. Then, I felt that instead of releasing all songs, I would focus on Honey Bee, which suits the situation.
She is eagerly waiting to receive the new guest, and dreaming of… a lullaby.

anna catherine child

Anna with her child