Dilse Beauty to Become Edavappathy Cutie

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Manisha Koirala, beauty queen of the Bollywood, came to the capital city of God’s own country, Thiruvananthapuram, for the shooting of the Malayalam film ‘Edavappathy’, in which, she essays the prominent character. She comes back to the big screen after a few years. Dilse beauty started to talk about her come back to the filmy world, her new character and of course her new life after battling with cancer.
She found out some time to talk to the media, in between the shooting schedule. She was extremely sorry for her late coming to this film, as she has already signed for it before 2 years. “I felt very sorry as because of me the delay came in film shooting and that is not a delay of hours or days, but two years. She says with her cute smile, but we can feel the tears submerged.
Manisha talked much about her disease, cancer. With that she had struggled for two years. ” I realised, there is life beyond cancer. Cancer was actually an unexpected guest in my life. I treated that guest with all respects. So the guest was very happy to say goodbye to me. But the bitter fact is that, once we became the victim of cancer, the society, would look us only through that eye, even if we fully overcame that. Manisha was answering to the curious question on how one can get the strength to overcome the major disease like cancer. But she is indeed against the stigma that society attaches to the persons who are battling the disease.
“The society views cancer patients with sympathy. I wish to be known as an artist, not a cancer patient. Even when the advanced medical technologies available for successful treatment the fear towards this disease from the minds of the people did not vanish. The society should organise awareness classes. As to my experience, cancer is not at all a dangerous disease like many think. The proper treatment at the appropriate time is very effective to kill this disease”. She continues.
Currently, she is active with cancer awareness classes also. She is going to release a book in a literary meeting in Delhi. “Only when I was affected by cancer, I became conscious about my health. I acted as a chain smoker in one film. But when cancer attacked me, I realised the value of life”. While talking about cancer, some current affairs also popped up. “India is not facing lots of issues. Only some issues are here and there. Giving back the rewards on the basis of some issues is not a welcoming one and don’t know why such things are happening”. Manisha says.
” Edavappathy, is a music drama and it tries to depict the two eras. I really owe to the director and crew as they waited for me for two years. I really excited with the set and once again I am thankful to all”. Manisha turns of real life to reel life.
Siddhartha Lama, Manisha Koirala, Uthara Unni etc., are doing the main characters. Uthara, stars opposite Lama.The characters in it have a mix of modernity and myths. The film is directed by  Lenin Rajendran and tells the story of the mental conflicts of Tibetans who wish to return to their homeland. The credit of the screenplay goes to the director himself.
Cinematography by Madhu Ambatt and art direction by Suresh Kollam. Mohan Sitara and Ramesh Narayan are the music directors.  Producers are Shiju Sudevan Chowallor, Lenin Rajendran. Siddhartha Lama, Rimpoche of the film Yodha is coming back to Malayalam through this film.

Sidharth Lama and Uthara Unni

Sidharth Lama and Uthara Unni

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