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Dhim.. Dhim.. Dhimi..Dhimi..

Saturday, Nov 14, 2015,20:52 IST By metrovaartha A A A

A musical band of ‘Pooram city’ evokes the echoes of the bygone days. The band has the power to enhance the nostalgic memories, to where everybody wishes to go. That nostalgia paved the way for Dhimi music band, situated in Chembukavu, Thrissur.
Now it is the time for composing a new song in Dhimi house. A fusion song named ‘Hara Hara’.  Dhimi music band started, three years ago. The band co-ordinator is Vinayak Mohanlal. Teachers Sreedath, Aravind, Vibhas, Saju, software engineer Arun, students Sreejith, Anjali, Parvathi, Aswathi, private employee Sreeju etc. are the singers of this band. Orchestra by Murali, Aditya, Melvin, Remin, Manu, Midhun, Sujesh. This is Dhimi family. All are music lovers.
For the first time they gather for a programme. All found out time to spend at least two days in a week to practice. They all are old friends. Actually, it is a communion of the old friends, who love music. They like to sing not only the film songs, but folk songs also. Really, they were trying to bring back the old golden past of Kerala by giving importance to the folk songs and the other festival related traditional songs. They wished to pave a track to reach to our own musical heritage.
They clubbed a house and named it as ‘Dhimi House’ as the first step of their musical journey to the glorious past. Kerala has a wealth of songs in her praise like, ‘Thiruvathira sheelukal’, ‘Pulluvan pattu’, ‘sopana sangeetam’ etc. They have taken these traditional songs and decorated those and presented at an event in Thrissur. They were congratulated by many, including Madambu Kunjukuttan. The most attractive part of the event was, they  presented  the poem ‘Karimchanta’ by Akkitham. Then the medley of thiruvathira songs etc. Hindustani semi classical fusion, jugalbandhi, velava etc are the main songs of Dhimi.
A speciality of Dhimi is having a majority of the fusions merged with traditional songs. That distinguishes it from other bands. They have got support from many corners for stepping into the music world. “When I thought about a band, I had the wish to present the traditional songs. Those will evoke nostalgia to the old generation and introduction to the new generation on our golden past” says Vinayak.
According to Vinayak ”Not only the traditional songs of Kerala, but we try to include the songs from other states too. Our aim is to attract all levels of people. All melodies, classicals such as Hindustani, Karnatic and all categories of music are a part of this. No other hindrance we have faced, apart from not getting a practice gathering as all are employed. When we did our first event,  18 members were in the band. Now Dhimi has only 15 members. Already we have presented three programmes”.
Dhimi house is busy to unearth the music treasures of the gone days, to decorate them and to present them anew.