Little Varkkichan aims bigger titles

Wednesday, Nov 18, 2015,19:59 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Varkkichan was busy with his activities related to children’s day.  Had film shoots, found time to participate in the programmes for small children. In between, he spent some time for talking. Varkkichan is the child artist featured in the film ‘Salt mango tree’. He acted as Biju Menon’s son in that film.
Christian Win is the real name of Varkkichan. But he is popular in his pet name Varkkichan. He was born to Win Varghese and Simi.
Satish Kumar, associate director of the film ‘Salt mango tree’ saw Varkkichan during a shooting for advertisement. He wished Varkkichan to be part of his film. But, Master Varkkichan’s mother Simi raised doubt about his acting ability. In the evening a call came to Varkkichan’s house from the director Rajesh Nair. He asked to have a video clipping of the dialogue by Varkkichan, which he has already sent to them. Simi did what the director said. Varkkichan was selected for 45 days shooting. But, within 35 days he has successfully completed his shooting. The shooting was in Palghat and Thiruvananthapuram.
He likes acting from his childhood and he likes Pritviraj the most. He used to perform in school dramas as king, maveli, christmas pappa etc.
He was very naughty and cutie in the shooting set. His parents and others had some doubt on how he will absorb the character, except Rajesh, the film director. He had no doubt about Varkkichan’s talent. What the director assumed had happened. All wondered, watching his acting.
Varkkichan is the star now in St Aloysius School Palluruthy, where he is studying. Goutam Menon of the film Monkey pen is his schoolmate. He mentioned the names of his friends Reyhan, Kevin, Ashwin etc and with a naughty smile added that he has a girlfriend too named Sana.
He wishes to act with Pritviraj. He likes the film London Bridge the most among Pritviraj’s films. Varkkichan has an elder sister, Cheron. She is also naughty, but cried when she saw the last scene in the film.