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Leela Menon’s life story to the silver screen

Thursday, Nov 19, 2015,17:40 IST By metrovaartha A A A

The veteran journalist Leela Menon’s life story is going to become the subject matter for a film.
Xavier J, a journalist, wrote a novel titled ‘Veyililekku Mazha Chanju’ based on ‘Nilaykkatha Symphony’, an autobiography by Leela Menon. Xavier made the script for the film.
The novel starts with Leela, being diagnosed for cancer. Slowly the life of Leela Manjari, a small girl from an undistinguished village called Vengola unfolds. The story narrates the transformation of a village belle named Leela Manjari to a reckoned journalist in Leela Menon.
The character of her husband, Major Bhaskaran is being done by a superstar in Malayalam. The film is produced by Divine Films and Rashid Vayanad. The movie tries to reveal the multifaceted personality of Leela Menon.
The film focusses on her life’s different angles. Leela, a cancer patient, battled with cancer and survived with her will power, her beautiful love story, family life and of course her achievements as a journalist.