Chandrabose is Chenda Boss

Saturday, Nov 21, 2015,20:45 IST By metrovaartha A A A

This year’s Limca Book of Records has a new entry in P.C. Chandrabose hailing from Puthuvyppu in Ernakulam district of Kerala state.
His 21 minutes “Chenda Melam”(Percussion using Chenda) made it to the book, which provides a platform to showcase talent. He was honored with 3 National awards, 4 State awards, Jwala award in 2014 and now Limca Book Of Record entry in the 2015 edition.
Chandrabose is a versatile musician. He is talented to play 35 musical instruments. His one man show in chenda melam, which usually requires an array of percussionists helped him to enter the record book.
He is a music teacher on instruments in Talent public school and a magician too, to believe awesomely. He learned these talents not from any teacher, but acquired by his passion and will. Many come to him to learn music instruments. He has got the opportunity to perform in a film too.
Reading is his other passion. He is economically backward and the recognition is more sweet to him as it is gained tackling many hurdles in life.
From his school days, he had a keen interest in the instruments. Tripple drum was his first try when in the eighth standard. Even though he has proficiency in 35 instruments, only 3 he learned from a teacher. The rest, he learned by himself. In chenda, his teacher is P.C. Krishnan.
Watching a group performance of fifteen persons in the computer led him to carve a new idea. Why not play all instruments by one person. The sound from all instruments coming merged from one computer evoked him to think so. His first trial in this line was in band set.
Only with keen concentration one can attain desired and reasonable result, was his first impression. He kept self confidence and determination going. By using both legs and hands, he tried to learn the different instruments. “When plays Band set with one hand and Symbol with one leg, it is the feeling of getting double effect”, says Chandrabose.
“Then my trial was chenda melam single handedly. This is usually performed by 5 or 6 persons. Actually, it was a challenge. All were against this, including my teachers. Many discouraged me. But, I rolled up my sleeves and cut through the task at last”, Chandrabose says.
His wife Sindhu is a teacher in Vivekananda public school. The couple has two children, Nanda and Kisan.