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Rimi’s lack of interest in ‘Bigg Boss’ disgusting, says Kawaljeet

Saturday, Nov 21, 2015,13:38 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Mumbai | Designer Kawaljeet Singh, the third wild-card entry on Bigg Boss Nau, has criticised actress Rimi Sen’s lack of interest in playing the game. The Dhoom actress has grabbed headlines for her non-involvement in the tasks inside the Bigg Boss house. Kawaljeet, who calls himself a huge Bigg Boss fan, feels Rimi should change her attitude. I will get along with everyone; except one and that’s Rimi Sen. I want to take her case. You are being paid, getting free food and you should enjoy.

You are not doing anything inside the house. That’s disgusting, the designer told before entering the house. When asked about his favourite contestants, Kawaljeet said he initially liked Mandana Karimi and now has grown fond of Rochelle Rao too. Initially, I liked Mandana because she was like me. Her attitude was if you like me then good, if you don’t then that’s your problem. I liked that. She was herself.

Rochelle has had a great transformation. Earlier, she was quiet, now she speaks with so much class and dignity. In fact, I feel sudden exit of Keith (Sequeira, her boyfriend) has been a blessing in disguise, though the reason was unfortunate. Rochelle now comes across as a strong woman. Being the eldest in the house, Kawaljeet said, he would take care of the kids but will put them in their place when he wants.

I will be the eldest one in the house so I will be taking a lot of care of these kids and put them right in their place also when I want to. I will tell them to play and have fun and entertain the audience. The designer is friends with ex-Bigg Boss house contestants like Dolly Bindra and Imam Siddique and he thinks like them he is the perfect Bigg Boss material.