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A Lullaby rechristened to rest in the lap of Memories

Monday, Nov 23, 2015,21:25 IST By metrovaartha A A A

“Manassin madiyile manthaliril
Mayangoo manikkurunne
Kanavaay mizhikale thazhukaam njaan
Urangoo neeyurangoo…”
How do you expect or accept this melodious lullaby to replace for a heart rending elegy? This lullaby composed by Malayali’s ever favourite music composer Johnson master now becomes a tributary lamenting for the soul of his departed son.
The great musician’s daughter Shan Johnson opted this song to make a video album for her most beloved childhood friend, her younger brother. She herself sang the song in that album, which she made to pay homage to her younger brother Renn.
National award winner Johnson was Malayalam film’s one of the prolific music composers ever. His son Renn Johnson (Achu) died in an accident. Shan lost her father and one and only brother in a 6 month span.
“Every Malayali remembers my dad in a way or another. But nobody remembers Achu. So I had a desire to do something to keep Achu remembered. Achu was very loving, we both were very close. I got the idea of making such an album, just near to his birthday. Then things turned up very fast. With the help of my close friends, I did it”, says Shan.
The intention behind this album was only to remember him. Shweta Mohan, A.R. Rahman etc congratulated her by seeing this video album.
Shan is a multi talented personality. She is a lyricist, music composer, vocalist, dancer, designer, etc. She likes multi tasking. Doesn’t like to sit idle. She stepped her foot into the film world by doing composition of the lyrics of ONV Kuruppu. “As he was friendly I didn’t feel any difficulty. He encouraged me a lot. He shared his memories with my dad”, Shan discloses.
“Daddy was a near constant presence in our lives. I never missed my daddy. Even though he was very busy, he was a very good family man and adjusted his time schedule to be with us always. I had enjoyed the long drive with dad, mummy and brother from Chennai to Kerala. Those days were really wonderful and knows, no reclamation”, Shan gets emotional.
Shan runs a music band called ‘The Sound Bulb’. The band practices in presenting songs in different styles, though not sparing the original form and feel. The band plans to do an album having dance scores. And more over for a smile, she is in one of the lead roles of an upcoming Tamil movie.