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Helping hands swipe in, drive in for a fallen daughter

Friday, Nov 27, 2015,22:08 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Whatsapp, the green icon on smartphone screens, tend many stories about friendships and communication any day. People create groups from family to work or studies to explore the possibilities of the virtual world to live more social. A Whatsapp group of former private bus employees in Kozhikkode has successfully utilised the platform for a noble purpose, a charity fund raising.
Vishnupriya, a college student happened to be a diabetic patient from her teenage. She lost her vision as an ill effect of the disease. She had undergone six surgeries. In between her two kidneys got damaged. She has to undergo dialysis in alternative days.
Born to Surendran and Santha in Perambra, Kozhikkode Vishnupriya was a brilliant student, but was forced to stop her studies, when she was doing degree. Her parents couldn’t afford her treatment expenses. She was under long term treatment in Coimbatore Aravind eye hospital. For the last four years she was under treatment at Kozhikkode Medical College and Perambra Taluk Hospital.
Now, her treatment goes on with the help of an aid committee constituted by the local people. A kidney transplantation becomes inevitable for her. As she didn’t get a matching kidney from her family, her name was registered in cadaver foundation (Organ sharing group) seeking O positive kidney. Lakhs of rupees are needed to perform a kidney transplantation. In that situation, the Whatsapp group came on the side of the angels.
The details of Vishnupriya were shared on Facebook and Whatsapp. The bus employee’s Whatsapp group took the initiative for this. The group comprises former bus employees,  many of them are now in abroad. To have a union of old friends, who had worked in bus services was forming a Whatsapp group. Roshin Krishna, Munir, Rasil, Haris, Vaishakh etc took initiative to mould this group with the aim of doing something for society.
Kuttyadi-Kozhikkode is one of the main bus routes in Kozhikkode. The buses plying on that route, decided to offer one day’s collection amount for Vishnupriya’s treatment. The buses named Abhirami, Ajava, Silverstone, Sreegokulam, BTC, Omega, Sigma, White rose, Ananthu, Pulari, Duldul like 11 buses on this route were participating in this noble deed.
The diesel expense Rs. 5300, was offered by the Whatsapp group to the bus owners. Even buses like Diya, Mirsha owned by Sreegokulam, Panayi participated without charging diesel expenses. So a good amount received in aid fund.
A good campaign was arranged through the media and notice distribution. Bus employees did their duty for no wages and the passengers also participated by giving an amount as much as they can, notwithstanding the bus fare. Around eight lakh rupees collected through this initiative.
This happened to be inspiring many like minded to join the virtuous deed. Autorikshaw drivers followed suit handing over their income. Through organising musical concert in different junctions a native singer group collected money and contributed in their way.