Fall in prices of select commodities

Saturday, Nov 28, 2015,12:53 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Chennai | Prices of thoor dal, urad, moong and gram dal decreased while all other commodities ruled steady at the market during the week ended Saturday. Thoor dal and moong dal opened at Rs 15,400 and Rs 10,100 at Rs 200 less per quintal from its closing rates of Rs 15,600 and Rs 10,300 respectively and finished at the same rate.

Opening the week at Rs 15,000 and Rs 6,400, urad dal and gram dal were down by Rs 100 per quintal from their closing rates of Rs 15,100 and Rs 6,500 respectively, and closed at the same rate. Sugar (Rs 3,000), wheat (Rs 3,000), maida (90 kg) (Rs 2,500) and Sooji (90kgs – Rs 3,200) ruled steady throughout the week.