People bashed me unnecessarily after Humshakals, says Sajid Khan

Thursday, Dec 3, 2015,12:45 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Mumbai | Filmmaker Sajid Khan says there was an unnecessary bashing after his last outing Humshakals as people were reviewing him and not his movie. The 2014 comedy was his second movie in a row which failed at the box office after Himmatwala.

After ‘Humshakals’, the Sajid Khan bashing which followed, that was a little unnecessary. Genuinely. But I wasn’t like ‘I’ll show everybody’, no, I have made fun of film industry for 20 years on television so that much is justified, Sajid said in an interview. For 20 years I did that- this film is flop, that song is stolen, but I used to do that in jest.

‘Humshakals’ wasn’t that big a flop. It did a business of 65 crore. With me, people were reviewing me and not my films, which is okay, he added. Contrary to popular notion that he is arrogant, Sajid said there was a time when he had become very rude. People think I am arrogant, I don’t think so. I cannot be arrogant at all. I am basically a lower middle class person by heart. I think I was very rude. I was making statements for the sake of making one. ’100 crore? No, my film will do 200 crore, it can never flop.’

The Heyy Baby helmer said it was because of these statements that he had to face lots of criticism. I used to make those statements without realising it’s going to come back to me someday. I thought, take criticism, enjoy it, people will forget after six months. But if you make statements, they will come back. I realised I have to be politically correct and easy. I was taking myself too seriously, I had become rude. Which I don’t think I am anymore, he said.

Sajid also revealed he became single last year which is a big stress buster. I became single last year, so that is also a very big stress buster. I will never ever put anything bad about a woman in public or speak negative about a woman. If anybody will ask about my ex, or exes, I will just smile. I’ll never say anything negative because I think that’s what being a gentleman is.