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Lady Gaga ‘mourned’ end of her 20s

Saturday, Dec 5, 2015,15:13 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Los Angeles | Pop superstar Lady Gaga is embracing her age as she approaches her 30th birthday, confessing she has already mourned the end of her 20s.

The Born This Way singer will celebrate the age milestone on March 28 next year, reported Billboard magazine. My birthday is in March, so these are the last moments of my 20s.

I already mourned that in a way, and now I’m really excited about showing girls, and even men, what it can mean to be a woman in her 30s. Why is it that we’re disposing of people once they pass that mark?

It’s suddenly, ‘You’re an old woman’. I’m not old. I’m more sexual and powerful and intelligent I’ve ever been. I’ve come a long way through a lot of heartache and pain, but none of it made me damaged goods. It made me a fighter.