Ranveer : Don’t want to show my shy, sensitive side to public

Monday, Dec 14, 2015,13:29 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | In five years of his career, Ranveer Singh has come to be known for his flamboyance but the actor says under his garb of flashiness lies an extremely shy man, who is not comfortable expressing his sensitive side to the public.

The 30-year-old Ram Leela star says he is very happy that he comes across as an entertaining and energetic person to his fans because he does not want to appear too sad. I am a very shy and sensitive guy, get emotionally attached easily. I am emotionally vulnerable but I show this side only to a few people. Like they say about clowns, those who make people laugh are the saddest inside.

On public platform, if I show this side of mine then I will look melancholic, Ranveer told. It is not that what the audience sees is untrue. In fact, I am a crowd pleaser, I am a people’s person but that is not me completely. I just like to reserve the emotional part of me to my family and a few friends because the truth is that even I am not comfortable bringing up my emotional aspect.

The actor, however, gets a chance to drop his inhibitions when he is in front of the camera. Ranveer says by playing different roles on screen, he gets to express himself and he finds that liberating. I express myself fully through films. There I don’t feel shy.

My characters give me a chance to be so much, all that I want to do. I become naked and totally uninhibited when I am working. Like when I was doing ‘Bajirao Mastani’, I felt strong and intense like Bajirao. I imbibed these qualities and try aping him. So, that way I get to release a lot that’s inside me.