Santwana Bordoloi’s to begin shooting for second film tomorrow

Tuesday, Dec 15, 2015,15:36 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Guwahati | National-award-winning Assamese film director Santwana Bordoloi will begin shooting for her second film Maj Rati Keteki, starring Bollywood actor Adil Hussain, from tomorrow.

Her second movie is coming after a hiatus of 20 years since her first Assamese directorial venture Adajya in 1996, Bordoloi told reporters here. Santwana said the movie is a serious story about the life journey of a sensitive writer/poet/artist and how various events affect him.

Maj Rati Keteki will show how a writer’s life experiences seep into his writings whether he consciously chooses it or not and also how a special kind of courage is required to face life’s toughest truths, she said.

A poet can distinguish human anguish in the cries of a lonely keteki (hawk-cuckoo) bird crying in the middle of the night on which the title of the film is based.

The wish to be free of such exploitation is overpowering in some and some others require a slight push to face the bitter truth of their life, she said.

The protagonist of the movie will be enacted by theatre and film actress Sulakshana Barua and its cinematographer is noted Tamil cameraman Ghana Shekhar V S, Santwana said.

The film director-cum-physician’s ‘Adajya’ starring Bollywood actor Tom Alter had won the National award for Best Regional Film in 1996.

Asked why she was venturing into Assamese film making at a time when it was getting difficult to attract audience in the face of tough competition offered by Bollywood films, Bordoloi said, That is the reason why I am making the movie.

If we stop making Assamese films then in the future one will have to go to museums to see what Assamese films were like.