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Exhibiting an enthusiasm of ‘Seabirds’

Tuesday, Dec 22, 2015,20:34 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Afeesa, Anchala Nazhsin, Sumayyabi, Rafhana Beegum and Hareesha came to God’s own country for an exhibition representing all the students of their homeland at the Arabian sea, Lakshadweep. At the National Science, Maths and Environmental exhibition the team was energetically competitive with their Wind Energy Fan model.
Many students from Lakshadweep were seen in Science, Maths exhibition held in Muvattupuzha Nirmala College. It was for the first time, the students from there came to Kerala for such an exhibition. “Some students could not participate since the invitation was late.” says Ishabi, their teacher.
Anchala Nazhsin, the tenth standard student was the junior among them. The rest belonged to plus one and plus two categories.
Electricity production and distribution was one of their main exhibits. In Kavarati electricity is produced by diesel power stations. Solar panels are another source of electricity. The choices surround around sources varying from diesel, solar, wind.
Almost 200 schools are in Lakshadweep. After competing with all those, they got the opportunity to come to participate in this exhibition. Apart from electricity generation and the wind energy fan, their models include forest and wildlife solar plant, brain functions etc.
According to Dr. Shibin Mohan, one of the co-ordinators, this 42 nd Jawaharlal Nehru National Science, Maths, Environmental  exhibition has specialities apart from the presence of Lakshadweep students for the first time.
The students from all states are participating in this exhibition, except Nagaland and Telugana. Among the students, the majority is from Kerala with 28 students. 13 students from Gujarat and 11 from Maharashtra. From Chennai 4 students are here.
Kerala hosts the exhibition after a gap of 23 years. The exhibition lasted for 6 days till December 22 and around 170 students participated. Students organised many seminars also. Experts like Dr. T.R. Anantakrishnan, Dr. Shaju Thomas, Dr. Shoban P.S. etc took classes for students.