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’57% job seekers put false, incorrect information in resumes’

Wednesday, Dec 23, 2015,16:50 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | As many as 57 per cent of job seekers put false or incorrect information in resumes and mid-level professionals tend to fudge the most, a JobBuzz.in survey says.

As per the survey, ‘fudging’ or falsifying information, either by oversight or deliberately, is one of the most widespread mistakes that job seekers make in their resumes.

Amongst all the employers surveyed said that grammatical errors and typos are the most common mistakes made by the candidates. Job seekers continually fail to understand the significance of a well-crafted resume.

The resume is the first introduction to an employer and represents the presentation clarity and diligence, Times Business Solutions COO Vivek Madhukar said.

The other common resume mistakes, as stated by employers, include being text heavy, too vague (with no quantifiable accomplishments or tasks), neglecting exact dates, stating duties rather than achievements, using very elaborate formatting and styles and information not being properly customised for the role applied.

Mid-level candidates tend to fib the most in their resumes while almost 25 per cent employers say false or incorrect information is encountered regularly in senior-level applications while 20 per cent feel the frequency of falsehood is highest among entry-level candidates.

An industry-wise break-up reveals that almost 90 per cent of employers in IT, telecom and dotcom companies and 80 per cent employers in the automobile and ITeS sectors find information provided by middle-level applicants extremely unreliable.

Nearly 65 per cent employers in the manufacturing sectors say entry-level applicants state the maximum amount of dubious information, according to the JobBuzz survey.