CPM Plenum blames party’s state leadership in West Bengal for debacle

Tuesday, Dec 29, 2015,12:15 IST By Aravind A A A

Kolkotta | CPM Plenum has blamed the party’s leadership in West Bengal for its debacle in the state. The plenum discussions witnessed strong criticism that neither CPM’s state leadership nor national leadership attempted to defend strongly whenever the party members or activists were attacked.

As party members felt unsafe, they were forced to leave the party. The situation prevails in all districts of Bengal. Those leaders who are currently making an ideological review of the party’s setback could have avoided it if they had reacted at the right time, said Samit Lahiri, who hails from Bengal.

Although there was a decision to fight Trinamool Congress ideologically, a grass root campaign regarding this did not follow. This led to youth and women distancing from the party, the plenum alleged. Also, discussions about this are confined to Politbureau or Central Committee.

Low level party members are not getting the opportunity to discuss political stand. Instead, the decision of only a section of leaders is being implemented. Delegates from Kerala also raised similar points. Their main criticism revolved around the lack of opening for the young brigade in the party to rise to the leadership.